What Is Your Gift?

“Be a good steward of your gifts, ” the poet Jane Kenyon urged.
Days can get away from us and we fail to do the one thing that is most important.
This is a wasted day. We really have no time to waste.

World Class Things

“Only through focus can you do world class things, no matter how capable you are.” Bill Gates
This is a daily inspiration to me. Is there anyone who doesn’t lose focus?IMG_4140

Life Requires a Great Deal of Sorting

“We are largely the people we expect to be, because that identity shapes the way we sort through the thousand life choices with which we are confronted daily.” Judith Sills, PH.D.
Sure makes one think, this one.


Confused in a situation? “Just commit and then you’ll figure the rest out.” Sir Edmund Hillary
If ever a comment appeared to be true, this might be it.
Photo of YSL work area, where he created…after committing.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

What we do with our lives is obviously central to who we are.” Armstrong
We really do get to choose, if we don’t give up looking for the spot where we belong. It takes thought and being part of the world. Courage comes into play; oh, and hard work is essential. Or, we can continue to do …

What We Learn From

“You have to finish things – that’s what you learn from, you learn by finishing things.”
Neil Gaiman
This quote is one I need and it has pushed me forward today. This is how to earn respect, as well.

We All Add to the Culture of our World

We have a personal obligation to contribute to the culture around us.
“Take care with the little details. Watch your smile, your tone of voice, how you use your eyes, the way you greet people, the use of nicknames and remembering faces, names and dates. Little things add polish to your skill in dealing with people. Constantly, deliberately think of them until they become a natural part of your personality.” Eric Barker

Being a Masterful Adult

“I think you become an adult when you reach a point where you don’t need anyone underneath you.”
Studs Terkel…on the working guy

“Derive happiness in oneself from a good day’s work, from illuminating the fog that surrounds us.” Henri Matisse

Everyday Chores

We’re lucky, you know. Humans have come so far that if we look at our everyday work in the right manner, it can be joyful. All the senses can be engaged, the fragrances of clean scented sheets, the physical sensation of soft, perfectly folded towels, the categorizing of piles, and even finding a mate for each sock. Maybe I’ve become a little unhinged on that last one. Make the ordinary fun.

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