I Want To Be A Twisted Sister

You can feel it. Your body begins to surprise you with inflexibility and lack of freedom. It’s time to aim for a lighter, more lithe soma. Cute yoga attire shopping is in order. What could be better?

Early Jobs

“The useless days will add up to something…These things are your becoming.” unknown
Early jobs feel like nothing much is happening, but much is when you interact with others. Think of it as trying out your talents, interests and skills. Practice on customers, vendors, owners and your friends whom you convince to come by. It’s hard to forget our early jobs. They made us.

The True Joys of Age

At this age we’ve experienced divorce, serious illness, death, offspring joy and disappointment, successful careers and long lives. We don’t worry so much because we know most things will work out…just as they are naturally destined. We’ve learned how to listen, empathize, comfort and show up in the lives of our friends. Smiling is easy and laughter is treasured. We appreciate the present, but plan mightily for the future. Our grandchildren amaze us and we admire the youth who rear them.
We choose to be happy and bonded together.

Your Own Story
“Create your own story. Never let others create it for you.” Kim Hohman We know our talents and we know how to use them. We know how we want our lives to unfold. Our loyalties are unique. What we admire is known only to us. Play your cards and play them well.

Yelling - It's Not What It's Cracked Up To Be

Yelling is for the uninformed young – who don’t know any better. You usually hear it when people are frustrated and at a loss for words. It wears you out, shakes you up and ruins the atmosphere for days. Communication zooms right out the window.
As a high school teacher, I never yelled. I wanted to, but knew that quiet, solid, composure would work better.
At this age, I need to save my energy for smiling.

Birthdays or Gratitude?

Birthdays, when you’re older mean at least as much as they did when you were younger. Young people either look forward to an age or dread it because they are giving up a life stage or their youthful good looks.
And when you’re older, you’re more appreciative that you’re alive and can appreciate what you know, family and friends, and all that you can still anticipate and experience. Sometimes, birthdays come with a tinge of regret that a friend or family member was not able to experience more in their lives.
Bottom line…step it up…birthdays are to be celebrated – in warm and caring ways.

The Competence of Youth

It’s such a pleasure to be among the quietly competent purveyors of locally grown, creative food. This restaurant called, The Populist, in Denver was expertly conceived, designed, decorated, and orchestrated by a smart youthful staff. Every bite was surprising and delicious.
What a treasure to spend an evening there with friends talking about topics of the day.

Youth Travels

” It is not going to be a success only journey.” Dr. Phil
It seems to me that because young people can expect a long healthy life, they allow themselves to dabble and try careers and experiences that truly interest them. Sometimes, for one reason or another, they move to a new venture. What is valuable is that they gave it a go and won’t spend a lifetime wishing they had at least tried.
Often, as well, this attempt becomes who they are and they find that, no matter what, the venture will continue.

Age is Relative

“You are older at this moment than you’ve ever been before, and it’s the youngest you’re ever going to get.”
Tim Kreider, NYT
So, what are you going to do now?

“One of the things I’ve learned the hard way is that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged.” Lucille Ball

With modern families and quick occurring events, advice often flows both ways. That’s the way it is.

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